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2nd July 2006, 16:12
Unfortunately, Source doesen't take pics when you have the console open (how the fuck was i supposed to know?) So i only have a demo to show this cheater. You may want to keep a lookout for that nick.

He was on Primefarm #5 at CA. 5-6 o clock GMT1



2nd July 2006, 16:16
Rite, il pass the word mate..
Btw any clues on how to get my steam id cleared from all the shit that the n00b i bought it from got?

2nd July 2006, 16:19
you can type jpeg or screenshot right in the console and it will take a picture...

2nd July 2006, 16:27
you can type jpeg or screenshot right in the console and it will take a picture...
Shhhh stop telling sacred knowhow :p

2nd July 2006, 18:49
Here you go - SCREENSHOTS ANYTIME :D (Plus some other nice stuff, like recording!)

2nd July 2006, 18:51
He was saying that the console got in the way when he did that.
Even though you want to get a screenshot of the guy's steam ID (via 'status') while it's in the console, so that's not necessarily a problem.

Anyway, F9 is default bound to either jpeg or screenshot, one of the two.
You can also bind keys to make screenshots (bind F9 jpeg) while in the console, then press 'em while the console is closed. Which is good. Though, frankly, there's really nothing outside of the console that you could get a conclusive screenshot of.

2nd July 2006, 19:15
f9 does screenshot, f5 does jpeg - screenshot creates targa files, jpeg creates well, jpeg files.

There are further options in regards to jpeg compression and the like, but I can't recall them right now.

2nd July 2006, 19:32
jpeg_quality [percentage] controls the quality. 100 being the best

2nd July 2006, 19:36
Alright guys_ ENOUGH!

1: I have a full version of fraps! :)
2: I know how to take screenshots, but F5 does _NOT_ work with the menu open. I didn't know it was so