View Full Version : Stuttering sounds

1st July 2006, 23:34
Recently while playing the Hidden I've had an annoying stutter with a lot of the sound effects. My footstep sounds constantly overlap, and so do my gunshots. It's not critically serious, but it really is annoying when it sounds like you fired 10 shots when you only fired like 4, and it really takes me out of the game. Does anyone know what might be the cause of this? It doesn't seem to be effecting my other Source games. I have a Realtek AC'97 sound card. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

2nd July 2006, 11:50
could be a lag issue - unlikely to be anything else, try connecting to servers with lower pings.

3rd July 2006, 04:27
Yeah, I thought it might have been that. I've tried connecting to the best ping servers, but with no luck. Maybe its just a temp ISP thing, I hope. :confused:

3rd July 2006, 05:46
tried reinstalling hidden?
Or updating sounddrivers?

5th July 2006, 11:47
Your game could go laggy from 7.1 sound settings, but this is only the case with CS:S as far as I know. I have the same soundcard and I experienced these stuttering sounds too recently. I think this is related with lag spikes on servers which need an urgent reboot or just lag.