View Full Version : helmet cam while crouched

30th June 2006, 18:06
the helmet cam view doesn't crouch with the player you're spectating. so if they enter a vent the spectator's view is inside the brush

30th June 2006, 18:25
it crouches. but the cam is on top of the playermodel, so it is sometimes inside brushes

30th June 2006, 19:20
hmm it's just that i'm never seen the camera position move down even when i know the person is crouching. it jumps i think but never goes down.

1st July 2006, 02:43
actually i dont think it does... for example, if you start specing a crouched marine and they start to move again, the camera angle will stay low.

1st July 2006, 09:24
so it's related to the zoomed bug where if you cycle to someone who is zoomed in with the fn2000 you get a zoomed image and don't get unzoomed until you cycle again?

sounds reasonable...