View Full Version : Weapons and Characters wont display

Silent Assassin
30th June 2006, 17:27
Hi guys. I installed hidden B4a full installer. When I go to select my character, no matter who i pick it only shows one guy, then when i go to the next screen to choose the gun i want, none of the guns display in the selection screen. I deleted the folder and reinstalled it thinking that might fix it, but no go. I restarted my comp, installed it again making sure Steam was closed, then restarted my comp again and it was still the same problem. I have HL2 and HL2 DM. Any one knows what the problem might be? thanks.

30th June 2006, 17:29
A known bug. Don't worry

Night Raider
30th June 2006, 17:34
It's not a bug. It's just not completed.

Silent Assassin
30th June 2006, 18:48
What do you mean not completed? Is it something i can fix now, or just wait till a new patch comes out?

30th June 2006, 19:03
wait for the next update