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30th June 2006, 05:43
The way the game treats non DX-9 levels is utterly wrong.

I feel that the hidden should not be drawn for 7/8, 8 displays a black hidden, and 7 puts players at a great advantage over 9.

This isn't meant to be a "complain!" thread, I'm just interested in how the rest of the community and developers are handling this.

30th June 2006, 11:43
DX 9 and DX 8 are the same on most hardware. There are some older DX8 hardware cards (such as the GF4 Ti4400) that only have PS 1.1 and dont seem capable of doing the refraction very well if at all. Not much we can do about that.

As of Beta 5, DX6 and 7 users are shafted. We are making 617 invisible on these cards to prevent 'cheating' by players with higher cards. We tried to get a 'match' between a refractive hidden and an alpha-ed one, but everyones eyes are different and it became impossible.

Therefore we are taking the rather dangerous step (it could stop a lot of players with lower hardware ever playing again) of no longer actively supporting DX6 and 7. You will still be able to log on and play in servers, but you will not be able to see 617, therefore making playing a redudant activity.

30th June 2006, 15:55
I think it'll be fine - I used to track him based off where others were shotting and watching for blood.

1st July 2006, 11:38
That's great, I'm getting sick of all the unprovable cheaters.


1st July 2006, 14:13

Is it possible for the mod to turn off 'mat_wireframe x' ? That has a strong potential to be exploited also.

1st July 2006, 15:46
you can only set mat_wireframe 1 if sv_cheats 1 is set on the server. and if that's the case you might as well just noclip