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29th June 2006, 20:05
We are clearing out the Trash.

Hidden Stats is in DEVELOPMENT, and is NOT YET live.

If you have a question. Please start a new thred.

Hidden Stats Team as follows.

RaideR, Chilly, The.Virus


Because you cleared this subforum of all posts, maybe you could post the general idea, and features and such behind the hidden stats, what it will include and what we can gain from it. Thanks. After it could be stickied?

29th June 2006, 20:55
Well, basicly we are parsing every logfile sent by subscribed servers and cramming it into tables in our database so we can generate statistics.

Currently the backend (ie log parser) is at about 50% functionality, you can see some vague stats (from Smokey's and my servers) here: http://hidden-stats.co.uk/live/

That page is under heavy development atm since we are not quite ready to go live yet.

Once I'm finished with the back end Rob (raider) can get on with the rest of the stats. The probably launch date is within a few weeks for sure - and we will have all sorts of silly features like the hall of shame. This will contain such beuties as the person who suicides the most each week/month/day/whatever, also the most foul mouthed person - this searches chat (yes, we log chat, all your chat are belong to us!!!!!) for naughty words and tallies a score to each steam id. This is a very expensive procedure so probably wont be updated very often (fulltext searches of thousands of rows of text isnt trivial, sadly).

Obviously there will be the standard stats stuff, player rankings etc etc. We track stats by steam id and count the nicks people play by. We *may* introduce a feature to search for the id of someone or the alternative nicks of a given steamid, although this may not happen due to privacy concerns.

If I missed anyhtin out or you would like to request a wtfbbqlol kickass feature, feel free to spam!