View Full Version : Windows Steam Based Dedicated Server?

29th June 2006, 18:11
I downloaded the server files and update, now i need to know where to put them and how to run it,but i want it to run from steam like Source Dedicated Server does. Is it anything liek running a css dedicated server?

Matt {Undead}
1st July 2006, 20:05
my setup is on a windows based system.
best thing todo is download hlds, install it and do the update, then unzip hidden server files to it.

Then I would try a little program called firedaemon (http://www.firedaemon.com/), bascially this program can run any application (hlds) as a service.

This means that you dont need to be logged into windows in order to have it running, it will run soon as u turn your pc on or start it using firedeamon.

I made a little guide up on setting up a server using hlds method for half life 2 capture the flag, you can view it here (http://www.undeadguild.circlehosting.net/hl2ctf/viewtopic.php?t=5).

Just follow the guide and it should be ok.
I would tweak your server tho, remove any un needed programs and make it windows classic style, basically things that use up memory that you dont need.
More memory = better server performance.