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27th June 2006, 02:55
Does anyone know any quality server rental sites that supports the Hidden mod? My server I run myself gets laggy when people download the custom maps from it and it can't handle 10 players. I want to get a 10 slot server for hidden source for like 25 bucks a month or lower. I'd really appreciate any help finding a host. I'd like to get a nice server going that runs official maps, custom maps and help test some guys' beta maps and not have to deal with lag.

27th June 2006, 06:30
Looks as though you are in the states, else I'd be happy to oblige. (I'd be happy to anyway, but 100+ pings are no fun).

27th June 2006, 09:33
If you know sb that can handle linux, you should get a basic linux root server.

Cost about 40-50$/Month and you can host a few servers on it (about 3-4 full server depending on hardware).
You can sell the other servers to friends, or split the costs.

28th June 2006, 17:02
I tried a site called http://www.clanservers.com/game_servers/ they support a bunch of games and several mods for HL and HL2. I asked them if they could set up a server for hidden and they said they dont support it. I was thinking maybe if enough people requested a server for Hidden-Source, maybe they'll figure its worth it to get Hidden on their supported games list. They offer a good deal for HL2dm and CS, $1.99 per slot (10 man server would be $19.95 a month) , no set up fee, and a free website. I'd figure it'd be the same for hidden if they supported it. Anyone else wanna try and change their minds about not supporting Hidden?

28th June 2006, 23:40
Art of War Central does it, but if it ever crashes it has to be restarted manually, and it takes a few tickets before everything gets working, but other then that they are great (quite fast customer support)

29th June 2006, 00:04
Ill look into it, but ive been in clan for bf1942 a long while ago that had problems with ArtofWar and not too long ago a css clan that had issues with artofwar server crashed quite often and got major lag spikes frequently with only 6 players on. If their prices are right ill give them i try though, since i cant seem to find any other hosts. Anyway thats just my experiences, thank you for the information.