View Full Version : Werid non-connection related lag

26th June 2006, 15:31
Its werid ive never had this problem before but the game keeps acting it has lag with i just have like 20 ping i did recently change my moniter settings up but then i put them down and theres no change :( help? :).

26th June 2006, 15:45
had this, too after installing B4.

Reinstalling Steam was the only way to stop that :/
(remember to backup your cfg and maps, if you're mapping ;))

26th June 2006, 16:07
well it only happens in hidden and normally my choke is like 0 but now its like 1-50

26th June 2006, 16:19
you could try reinstalling hidden, but only reinstalling steam worked for me

26th June 2006, 17:20
Ok thanks i will do that l8r. thanks anyway.