View Full Version : Repeat Cut-Off Glitch at Death

Master Shake
25th June 2006, 07:13
I'm sure everyone (most?) have had this happen to you. Normally you press "y" to alltalk to everyone in the server (unless you're dead, then only dead players). Well...sometimes when I die, the game forces me to do an alltalk. Its confusing, but, I'll try to explain to those who have not experienced it yet.

I'm alive w/ my team on stalkyard, and I spot the hidden. I press "y", then type the following: the Hidden is in the box room. A few minutes later, I am cut down...caught alone somewhere. As I die, everyone sees me say on alltalk something like this:

the Hidden is i-

So, upon death, it took the last thing I typed in alltalk, cut it off at a random point and put a dash at the end. Then it made me say it when I died.

It will even do this to the last thing that you type...even if you "ESC" it before pressing "ENTER". Say I'm pissed and I type in the alltalk "Fuck Shit [continue excessive swearing]", but I ESC it...deciding not to get kicked out for language. Next time I die, i blurt out:

Fuck Shit Cu-

Has anyone else encountered this glitch, and can it be fixed easily, even though it is low in the list of priorities for B5 (or B4b)?

Thank you if you read through this entire post of rambling...did you decipher my post well enough :confused:

25th June 2006, 07:19
It's a feature, although the "still displaying even after hitting ESC" is probably not. Somewhere in the options is the option to turn it off completely.

EDIT: Options -> Advanced -> Enable blah blah blah. Just uncheck to turn off. If it's the "still displays even after ESC" bothering you... learn to backspace more ;).

Master Shake
25th June 2006, 07:22
I'll check it out...thanks.