View Full Version : Can't Always Change Class

24th June 2006, 04:25
Demo attached.

Whenever I am Assault and want to change to Support it never lets me the first time. I spawn with the p90 and then can change to the 303 if I want.

See demo.

24th June 2006, 06:46
Yeah got the same problem here.

I'd add that my changeweapon keys get locked sometimes, so i won't be able to switch to handgun nor to pipebomb.
Not that annying but still a glitch, i need to restart the game to fix it.

24th June 2006, 10:02
You do still change class from assault to support, you simply just can't choose which primary weapon until the first round as that class is over. I've got the same thing.

Master Shake
25th June 2006, 07:00
I assume the reason is this. When you switch from assault to support, you previously either had the fn2k or the remington shotty (mostly). When changing classes, these are "X"ed out. It defaults to the standard setup w/ P90. To fix it, I'm guessing the checkmarks/"X"es need to be "reset" when you change class

*shrug* I'm not a programmer though...