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23rd June 2006, 20:07
well I was just playing now, and somone was using an aimbot/speedhack, most likely made form an open source CS:S hack.

As you can probably tell it wasn't fun.

Are there any plans to impliment any sorta of anti cheat feature thta goes beyond Valves's VAC? because most of the cheats have VAC bypass measures.

Like for instance a global ban list just for HS by SteamID or a better ban/votekicking system built in, or just heuteristics on avg travel speed and accuracy?


23rd June 2006, 20:28
I can confirm... saw it too....

the user who used that was Ruskymilk... can't tell u his Steam ID unfortunally.

People if u see this person, then better keep an eye on him.

He used pistols against hiddens and shot with a precision like if the hiddens were visible.

He used speedhack too... He used adrenalin the whole 5 minutes in a round, and its only 3 times available.

Maybe he used Adrenalin, but that dont explains the time, he used it, as i said he used it the complete round, and don't forget the precision which he killed the hiddens.

Possible that direct x7 was using too by him.

I hope u can release some fixes for this case. Or a cheating query in the mod engine of u people.

23rd June 2006, 20:49
Well you can't really know if the hack they're using is detected. He may be able to cheat at that time, but if he gets detected he gets vac banned in a few weeks...

If they're doing something blatant there should be a admin around to ban him.

24th June 2006, 15:14
Thats the problem... i never saw admins around on the servers...

either the admins are shy and say not much and do not much or they are in the simplest case not present.

And there are unfortunally just few vac secured hidden servers.

24th June 2006, 16:01
Those speedhackers really love me don't they :P. I was in the game too and he was clearly warping around and using an aimbot. Although i recorded a demo (record demo), i forgot the command to show steam id's (status), so i don't think it is too useful now =/. His name was Riskymilk in case anyone recognizes him.

25th June 2006, 07:00
btw, whats the command to show someones steam id?

25th June 2006, 07:46
@Fzm: "status"

3rd July 2006, 22:20
Known. Called BHS (Black Hidden Syndrome) - Updating Videodrivers works wonders. Too bad many ppl use this glitch to "PWN T3H H3LL 0UT 0ff D4 n00b H1dd3n"

3rd July 2006, 22:42
Hey guys, im new to these forums.
I have some information as far as being able to see the Hidden as a Blackskin. I won't post it here in the publics view, but I could give a detailed description as how to do it. I also can also post a picture. Just ask if you would like to see it. Thanks. Karl out :p
Rather than posting this message, you could have just pm'd one of the admins / moderators of the board - the majority of whom are team members of some description.

All though of course, chances are you'll be informing us of something we already know about, even if it's different from 'classic' BHS.