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23rd June 2006, 18:47
i was wondering if anyone who is pretty good at the game could post some info about controlling the hidden. every time im the hidden i cant do things that others can and it tends to get me killed pretty quick. ive got the basics but i wanted to know how to hang up bodies and stuff. everyone says u just right click. i pick up bodies and put them where i want them to hang but when i rite click it just throws the bodies to the floor. another thing is that i seem to get killed by hiddens when im in pretty high places. is there something you can do to jump higher than usually as the hidden? all i can do is a normal jump which just doesnt explain how people are getting to me. what is aura view and how do u use it? how can u get over or on top of a wall when you climb it? i can get to the top of the walls but i can never get over them. usually i just run out of stamina and fall off. neway that is about it for now. id greatly appreciate if someone could answer my questions. thnx.

23rd June 2006, 22:33
go read the players manual on the front page...

General Mayhem
23rd June 2006, 23:48
Yes, there is an easier way than that. Try the tutorial, then look at the "Keyboard" settings. That will tell you how to use the Hidden's cool moves. My computer card doesn't support the use of his Aura Vision =( so I'm stuck without it. How to jump high: The Button, "Ctrl" is how you leap. If you wanna leap high, aim high and press the leap button. IF you wanna jump straight into the air, aim straight into the air, so on and so forth.

The General