View Full Version : Primefarm #5 - 22/06/06

22nd June 2006, 20:21
Well i actually thinks that this guy has somekind of wallhack.

In one of the video you see him shooting once in the stairs then realising it's behind, going there and kill it, is that a sort of intuition or did he heard the hidden ?

I'll let you judge that yourself since i can't figure it out myself, the guy was actually accusing loads of people of hacking without insisting..
I started making the video since he shot me down in middle air while i was pouncing up...

Demo01 (http://clooover.free.fr/hdn/gen01.dem)
Demo02 (http://clooover.free.fr/hdn/gen02.dem)

Well, tell me if i'm wrong, i'll need to apologize.
If i'm right, i'll put the steamID online.

22nd June 2006, 20:50
I've checked the demos using mat_wireframe and could not see evidence of wall hacking or aimboting. That does not mean he's 100% "not doing anything", though. I suspect some other server admins should take a look.

22nd June 2006, 21:01
You can use mat_wireframe 1 to see where the hidden was in the demo.

The fact that he follows the hidden around where he goes - like in the first demo when the hidden is in the ceiling, the instant he leaves, gen goes after him, or when he jumpes over the rail in the second - is suspicious.

EDIT: Yeah, had the reply window open for 10 minutes while I was checking the demo =D

22nd June 2006, 21:07
The problem with it was the fact he used a lot of random fire. I figured he was using some other exploit, and trying to "fake" not using one... but which one I have no idea.

22nd June 2006, 23:22
First demo looked a little suspicious, second one looked like he was faking it though.

Dead Inside
23rd June 2006, 00:05
Hmm that is indeed a strange one, the first one certainly looks the more suspicious of the two but i'll need to have another look before making a decision on it. I've not had a look myself with wireframe on either, i'll try and remember to do so tomorrow once i've had some sleep.

If you could pm me the steam id i'd be interested to see if its one i've got a record of at all.

Edit: the ID isn't one i have listed (i've got nearly 500 in HLSW) viewing it it with the wireframes on it still looks pretty suspicious, its nowhere near as obvious as some hackers can be, but i think he's trying to cover up for it at times, at least given how he tracks in other parts of the demos it would appear this way (the first demo especially near the end where he seems to follow the hidden then blast him as he goes round the corner really bothers me).

This one is certainly going on my watch list, i can't quite decide whether or not to ban him just to be on the safe side though.