View Full Version : ehrm connection.. :p

21st June 2006, 19:51
I dno if it has something to do with the game,
but my connection to a server goes rather difficult.
when I launch hidden for the first time,
I just can't connect to a server, it takes so long that eventually, I time out.
and then the second time I can connect, but it takes a while.
can I fix this? btw, I have cable connection, so that shouldn't be the prob..
thx in advance :)

21st June 2006, 20:09
do your other steam games do this? are you on a home network?

try connecting through the steam servers list. filter 'hidden:source B4'

22nd June 2006, 10:07
with cs 1.6 I time out too, the first time,
but the second time I connect pretty fast.
With counter-strike: source I also connect rather slow .. :(