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21st June 2006, 10:22
Im trying to set up mani admin so i can use it on my dedicated server, but it doesnt seem to work.

Can someone give me a good guid on how to set mani up for a windows server?:rolleyes:
All I see on here is Linux.

FYI im using hl2mp admin. Is that what I'm supposed to use?

21st June 2006, 11:51
Doesnt work for B4 I heard, use MetaMod

21st June 2006, 11:58
Dead Inside posted a link (http://www.sourcemod.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=35226#35226) to a fix and details on how to stop it breaking with future releases.

Dead Inside
21st June 2006, 12:49
Yes, its the hl2mp version you should use. I personally use the metamod source version of mani mod, however this restricts you to beta releases only at present, although the past few configs i've run on these beta releases have run perfectly well accross the four public hidden servers i admin. There are certain features that cause more problems that i simply avoid, i don't use the database stuff, or the afk kicker. I also don't use stats as well but thats a personal choice. I believe its a pretty stable feature.

If you are using the stable version then the mani documentation should cover almost everything except for the editing of the .vdf file, which if you search this forum you should find exact information on. It's been awhile since i used that version but i think you just need to change the path in the file to reflect the hidden install rather than the hl2mp one its expecting.


The addons/cfg/sounds etc folders that hold all the mani files just go in your hidden directory.
Edit the .vdf file if its the stable version of mani
Set up your admins according to the documentation for whichever version you are using. (clients.txt for stable version)
Edit the mani_server.cfg to your liking
Add "exec mani_server.cfg" to your normal server.cfg file, or another file that is executed on each map change.
Run the server

22nd June 2006, 00:57
all i need to do was add exec exec mani_server.cfg :o

thanks for the help dudes!!

3rd July 2006, 07:53
i keep getting a load of .. "unknown command" in the srcds comman window when i try to exec mani_server.cfg :( any suggestions????

3rd July 2006, 21:41

I tried the hl2dm version of Mani, but it isnt working ... and i cant find the misstake

The CsS version of Mani is running on my server, but sometimes it crash

Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong ???

3rd July 2006, 21:50
change the gametype.txt

3rd July 2006, 22:34
yeah i know
i changed it to This (http://www.mani-admin-plugin.com/mani_admin_plugin/gametypes/gametypes.txt)

or have i to change it in another way ???