View Full Version : Mani Admin for B4

18th June 2006, 23:57
Does anyone know how to get mani to work with The Hidden Beta 4? It keeps crashing my server!:mad:

19th June 2006, 11:08
Perhaps try the metamod version. I found mani to be pretty unreliable on my servers (Primefarm) so stopped using it after the b4 patch and replaced it with metamod+BAT+forgiveTK which seems to run pretty well.

I used to use the beta N version of mani + metamod, which worked up to a point but a lot of the voting stuff was a bit hit and miss, never really got it working properly.

19th June 2006, 23:20
ok, bvut does anyone know how to fix mani? All 9 of my servers run off it with the same admins and I don't want to reput EVERYTHING.

Dead Inside
19th June 2006, 23:36
See here (http://www.sourcemod.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=35226#35226) for an updated gametypes.txt from the man himself and some advice on solving this sort of thing ourselves in the future to avoid this sort of annoying downtime.

I'm about to try the file myself, but i'd imagine it will be OK.

20th June 2006, 02:57
Thanks Dead inside! I hope it works, I'll tell you asap:D

2nd August 2006, 16:16
Now what about votes, when I try to do an admin vote or map vote it doesnt show up.

2nd August 2006, 17:44
you need to press escape to enter the votes.

2nd August 2006, 18:05
I know that, but when i start a vote from my admin menu it doesnt show up, yet I was in a server earlier that did, so I know it has to work somehow

3rd August 2006, 14:40
Bump... any server admins or owners that can tell me how their servers work the votes.

3rd August 2006, 19:03
Mine has worked with both the source plugin version and the mm version of mani. Also, be the 1.2N and 1.1 versions. Just check all you setting and make sure you have permissions. Or try reinstalling mani.