View Full Version : PLEASE FIX SERVERS!! (B3 and B4 issue)

17th June 2006, 04:34
Before it was bad, but I could always find a server that "had the right tables" or whatever. But as of late it's becoming harder to find ANY!

I just want to play the game, man.

I don't know how, maybe if there was an auto update the next time everybody opened the game or something, but please, fix it.


17th June 2006, 04:41
Ok, sort the server list by "Game", then only go for servers that are marked "Hidden : Source B4" in the "Game" column. All will be well in the world (though having just looked, I couldn't see a single B3 server running on my server list)

17th June 2006, 04:45
The B3 list almost rivals the B4 list... and check the B2a still up!

http://img114.imageshack.us/img114/1618/serverlist0zu.th.jpg (http://img114.imageshack.us/my.php?image=serverlist0zu.jpg)

17th June 2006, 05:10
But your shot shows no people playing on B3. As of this moment from the west coast I see 2 B3 servers only, and 13 B4.

17th June 2006, 09:29
I was just showing that B3 servers exist, regardless of players.

17th June 2006, 12:23
wait 2 weeks and no b3 server are running :)