View Full Version : ¿Error?

16th June 2006, 18:27

Any Ideas??????

16th June 2006, 18:47
run HL2.

16th June 2006, 18:48
uhhh, no idea to be honest, but make sure your half life 2, counterstrike source or whatever might be related isnt still "updating" or decrypting in my games in steam. I seriously doubt thats it, cause I really dont understand that error, but its the only thing I could possibly think of to check. A reinstall would probably fix it though.

edit: Ging got to it before me it looks like, but are you suggesting HL2 might actually not work? or you just need to run it once?

16th June 2006, 20:48
HL2 has to be run at least once. Trust Ging ;) .

16th June 2006, 21:11
Due to the nature of the mod, HL2 has to have been run so it's decrypted all the gcf files and installed all the files it needs, otherwise it'll throw a number of odd errors.

18th June 2006, 21:00
Alright thanks man........