View Full Version : Can't change weapon

Mr. Bottomhat
16th June 2006, 12:43
If I'm playing the Assault kit and try change to Support with 303 I can't select a weapon, so it loads out the p90.

Pan the Goat God
16th June 2006, 23:20
Yeah, this bug..sucks. Start off as assault, and if halfway through the game I decided I want to screw around and give Cyborg/Miasmic a migraine, I can't select 303 as support.

16th June 2006, 23:53
We shall have a poke around and try and figure it out...

17th June 2006, 00:41
You can actually select it, it's just that a tick doesn't appear in the box when you select the support weapon. But yes, I get it too.