View Full Version : Custom maps crash.....dang

16th June 2006, 01:29
When hosting a listen server or being the client on a listen server, being on a custom map(from a previous beta) will crash you after pressing OK in the first screen or if you sit there for a min and go into console or something. Maybe it has someting to do with no camera entities because many of the maps I have dont have those as they were made before beta 2/1 or whenever the cameras were put in. I have yet to test this with a custom map that has camera entities but I bet that is why it is crashing because after you click OK, it makes your view from a camera....but for some reason this beta doesnt like it if there isnt one.
This sucks because there is a big lan party this weekend and we are planning on playing some hidden when it gets dark but no custom maps :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

16th June 2006, 01:37
yea, it's the spectator function.
Without it the map rashes. Only solution is to find the mappers, and hope they fix it

16th June 2006, 01:46
I fail to see how not being able to play custom maps stops you playing the mod... Get some of the updated maps (there's a list in the mapping section) that contain spectator cameras, the majority of the more recent maps are of quite high quality.