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15th June 2006, 19:12
I'm pretty new to the world of Hidden, but I really like this MOD :)

So I decided to set up a server for it.

B3 and B4 both ran without problems, but the new B4a is giving me a headache.

After upgrading from B4 with B4a using the serverupdate zip, clients get disconnected when a round is supposed to start.

The error is:
"material mismatch, we reckon you're cheating!"

So I supposed something went wrong with the update and got the complete B4a server zipfile.
Same error.

So I started from scratch with a new server directory, same error.

I run Hidden B4a on a Debian Sarge (Linux) machine.

Steps to reproduce this problem:

1. Join my server @
2. Wait for a second player
3. When the round is supposed to start, you get booted from the server and the console reads:
"material mismatch, we reckon you're cheating!"


1stGame.nl (http://www.1stgame.nl) - Arie

15th June 2006, 20:06
You've not modified or replaced any model / material files?

The server file includes the entire build and will work off the bat.

15th June 2006, 20:15
No, I did a complete fresh install and it still wouldn't work.

I managed to fix it somehow now.

I installed the B4a full, and extracted the B4a patch on top of that and it seems to work now.
Really strange.