View Full Version : Chain reaction crashing

15th June 2006, 05:52
Its pretty obvious to me and a few others that there is some serious crash issues for some servers. I dont really know if its happening to all servers but people who are ocnstantly on theirs know of it. One client crashes to desk top, and the ENTIRE server causes everyone to crash or lag out, without the server crashing itself. I had a lot of theories before, none of which were right. There is no cause or reason so its something within the game.

15th June 2006, 06:20
Are you running stock, or with mods? How did you set the server up?

What's the server name, I'll hop in and check it out when I get a chance. I haven't noticed this happening on the DC servers.

15th June 2006, 06:43
Only way you could tell is if you have access to server logs, and most people just think they crashed, but when they look at server its empty.. Anyways. Its 9th infantry server server. usually happens within 5 maps. (assuming full server). Just requires a player to crash it seems. Its a fresh install of hidden, without mani on (renamed file so it doesnt exec) . No mods. I would recognize most likely if a mod was causing it though. but like I said none are on. I've done a LOT of research of possible causes (mods/being logged into rcon while crash/HLSW/Anything rcon related), pretty much concluded it has nothing to do with Rcon.. Anyways, you can look, but I doubt you'll find anything. Im one of the people that occasionaly crash and flip the server out. Done it tons, sent like 10 crash dumps to ging.

15th June 2006, 06:47
Well, I have access to the DC server logs. ;)

16th June 2006, 17:59
Yeah I've noticed this bug. Sometimes you crash, and if you rejoin the server you find that everyone else crashed as well.

Not everyone crashes all the time though. Once I became the hidden on stalkyard in a 9 player server, and waited about 2 minutes for IRIS to appear. Searched around the map and there were no IRIS at all...they all crashed. Creepy.

17th June 2006, 15:46
Yup, I had that several time now aswell... first I thought I was starting to crash again like in b3, but then I realised that everyone else crashed with me (or me with them)....