View Full Version : What Are Class Tables... And What Do I Do And Where Do I Get It??

15th June 2006, 03:07
Well What The Title Says... Well Yea... =P

15th June 2006, 03:32

front page make sure you have the latest version which is now B4A . I suggest you just do the full installer if you are not sure what you have. Make sure you restart steam afterwards. different class tables means that you dont have the most up to date version of the game. Only do this if you get it on all servers (or most at least) Note that B4 is the latest, and there are still lots of b3 servers out there..

Jah Ith Ber
15th June 2006, 17:50
Make sure you have B4a installed and if you have it installed correctly there still might be some servers who havn't installed B4a so therefore it would say diffrent class tables.

Just don't join those servers till they upgrade to B4a

15th June 2006, 18:22
I thought that B4A didnt limit you from joining B4 servers. Doesnt cause a version conflict

15th June 2006, 18:31
Any B4 client should be able to join any B4 server. It's best if people get the B4a client, though.