View Full Version : Chopage.

14th June 2006, 10:11
Okay Ive had almost all of the problems in the first page already. I couldnt find the hidden, my screen was red, i couldnt join servers, etc...

And now ive worked them all out (all night... its 6am now) but when i finally get in a server it is unplayably choppy/skippy. I forgot the command to see fps but im not sure if fps is the issue. Im running on a GeForce fx 5200 (slow but only one that works right now) and all my other source games run fine on high settings. This game however participates in major chopage even on low settings. The only thing that is different with this is the mat_dxlevel 90 and the shader detail on high rather than low. I dont think thats the problem though because my gc says it supports dx9.

... help...:(

14th June 2006, 11:02
I seriously have no clue why, but i just started playing again to try and change a bit of w/e and now its not bad at all. No clue why. Its just magically okay and good and whoopie. Great game btw, very intense.