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13th June 2006, 23:42
Whenever I am the hidden and I get hit by the lethal launcher I cannot see anything and the screen is the Black and purple squares as if I am missing a material.
I have B4 running and it works fine in every other way.
Pipe bombs also make my screen have the missing material thing.

and yes, I used the search but couldn't find ANYTHING.

Sir. Sniper
14th June 2006, 00:34
You delete b3 folder before doing the other? Reinstall and get the dll.

14th June 2006, 00:44
huh.... it should be installed correctly if he is seeing the texures fine every other time... must be an issue with your video card not handling the blur correctly...

14th June 2006, 01:42
Assuming he has installed on top of B3, there shouldn't be a missing texture (we checked before I uploaded the installers) which gives me the impression that he has, in fact, not installed B4 but instead just the mini-update to B4...

14th June 2006, 16:39
And there is the problem!
I went to the main page of Hidden-Source.com and got the

NOTE : To avoid confusion - this IS NOT the full B4 update!

My super power is the power of being super blind.

I guess I will wait for the full B4, or I will probably mess it up more.

14th June 2006, 17:29
Er, lol, look again. Lower. This was an update TO B4. The full B4 was in the newspost before the recent mini update.

14th June 2006, 20:30
Got it, deleted Hidden 3 and installed the new FULL exe.
I am going to try it out in a random server.

14th June 2006, 20:49
Well, I think you need B3, too, so I wouldn't delete it. =/

14th June 2006, 20:59
Nah, the new full installer doesn't need an existing HS version.

14th June 2006, 23:24
Everything works just great and I have no problems at all.