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13th June 2006, 21:05
Guys, I have had this problem for a LONG time with hl2 engine(s). Everywhere I go, every game I play, my fps/sec are just... UUGGGH :mad:

My screen moves by "skips" or skipping instead of sliding when I move my mouse. In small parts of the map its better, like the tunnel close quarters, but in the open area, my screen lags up like MAD. Although my ping is quite good. ( Until it starts to skip again ) It feels like lag, but my ping has nothing to do with it.

If ANYONE can help ill be very thankful, as I cant even finish HL2 because of this, yet alone TRY to hit the hidden... :(

13th June 2006, 21:09
"fps/sec" uhm... fps=frames per second. I dont think there is a "frames per second per second" ;)

And if you're fps is low, get a better graficcard or turn down the grafics ;)

13th June 2006, 21:23
Thanks for the correction :rolleyes:... i was just a bit cranky when writing the topic, after all, who likes being killed by a marine noobie named IRIS member in-game, while you had 6 good chances and couldnt take em?

Anyways, I think I pretty much tried to turn down the graphics, I put everything to LOW and my resolution to 600x860... Or something like that..
I only left the shadow detail on high, to give hidden its invisible "feature".:p

Where would I get a better graphic card? Do I HAVE to buy it? :(
If theres a link please say so, im not quite the computer graphic guy :P

13th June 2006, 22:17
I dont think there is a "frames per second per second" ;)

Wouldn't that be acceleration of fps?

Jah Ith Ber
13th June 2006, 22:22
Where would I get a better graphic card? Do I HAVE to buy it? :(

Yah, unless you have a great friend who loves you who wants to give you his graphics card yes.. go buy one. It's the only way.

www.newegg.com <-- ownage site for getting any kind of computer parts.

Sir Wankus Magpie
13th June 2006, 22:49
please people...this thread is pointless...before you talk about getting bad fps please give full system spec and driver numbers

13th June 2006, 23:07
tigerdirect.com is pretty good too.

13th June 2006, 23:13
Wouldn't that be acceleration of fps?

yep. Is there sth like that? :D