View Full Version : Map differce

13th June 2006, 20:43
ya my map differce from the servers and like i have uninstalled and re-installed 2 times now and it still is not working.

13th June 2006, 21:07
Make sure that you have Beta 4 client, and make sure the server you are joining is also Beta 4, there are still plenty of Beta 3 servers out there (even some Beta2a, WTF!)

13th June 2006, 21:38
beta 4? i got that lil mini patch thing but that did more damage.. every time i get bombed, or used ad... i get black and purple checkers... for a long as time.

13th June 2006, 21:42
Install using this:


You installed the DLL update to B4, rather than the actual B4 update.

Note that once you install the above, you do not need to install the dll update.