View Full Version : Server causes mass client crashes

13th June 2006, 18:41
Or so it seems. Every map or two it will happen. The game will kick to desktop for everyone. For my friend, when it crashes he gets the datacache.dll (fix applied and works, but it still shows it.). The ping (which I monitor on HLSW) kicks up evey second by like 200 . all the way up to 800-1500 then basically the log says everyone times out. BUT, note I said its the clients programs that are crashing, all simultaneously. I know there really isnt much info here, but Ialso really dont have much to work with :/ .

Edit in: Could the having 10 players as max, mess with it? With b4 it allowed 10 players, should I turn it back to 9?

edit 2: It seems its only when me and my friend are playing (and we share the same IP I believe). sometimes when we join a game, one of of gets kicked. We hooked the modem up to a 4 port hub, and both pull our internet off of that. Bellsouth dsl hides our ip so sites like whatismyip.com shows it as a default lan IP ( etc..) . so WE are the cause. Is there any way to get him a different ip? We can only use DHCP it seems, and I dont see any way we can both play at the same time :/