View Full Version : Pouncing crashes my H:S B4 servers

13th June 2006, 16:32
Hi all,

Got a pretty standard linux setup: sourcemm, mani, b4 - but pouncing as the hidden crashes the server without fail.

Anyone got any ideas? I'm currently doing some tests and will report back anything interesting I find.



13th June 2006, 16:46
As in...jumping about? Default key - CRTL? Crashes your server???

13th June 2006, 16:57
Try without any server plugins - there's no reason for it to crash it, we've not changed the pounce code in months.

13th June 2006, 17:10
Whats most odd is that I just got a new server online so I tar'd up one of the production hidden servers I already had running with b4 flawlessly and just copied it over to new server - where the problems occurred. Both same Os and same version (debian stable). I'll do some fiddling, not had any positive results yet, waiting for long tar extracts is boring :P

13th June 2006, 17:58
OK, problem is present with this setup:

pre- 8th march srcds
latest b4 server version
metamod 1.2.2
manimod beta N running on metamod

disabling mani via metamod stops the crashing.

13th June 2006, 20:37

Testing and experimentation all done.

1)mani is full of useless fluff and is too big for its own good.
2)metamod rocks
3)basic admin mod rocks
4)forgiveTK rocks

In short, nuke mani, get metamod, get BAT, get forgiveTK - away you go.

Servers are stable, adminnable and full of happy fraggers :)



13th June 2006, 21:09
Have you altered BAT in any way?

When I installed it, everything worked fine, except when a punishment was dealt the server would crash - any sign of similar problems?

13th June 2006, 21:21
Havnt had any problems with it so far mate - I can have a look at your install if you want, see if you have any problems with it?

13th June 2006, 22:01
I've not got it on yet, but I'll have another bash at installing it again tomorrow, and if it results in yet another cataclysmic breakdown I'll be sure to let you know.