View Full Version : MASSIVE B4 problems

12th June 2006, 16:47
Since B4 I've got serious problems.

In B3 I was playing with a ping about 5. max 10. With B4 I've constatly got one about 60-100 (no, I don't have DLs in the background ;)). Playing is like a diashow for me.
I've seen that in my netstat: IN is about 2k-2,5k (normal is about 200).

Ah, jea. When I'm throwing nades, the nade hangs half a secon in the air, before flying everywhere, exept where I wanted it to be.
Killed ppl float in the air, too for half a sec.

Playing is not possible like that :( *cries*

12th June 2006, 17:15
I've had a similar issue, but it affected me in all source based games - the answer was to re-install steam.

12th June 2006, 17:19
ping 5? :E

Sounds to me that your rates just have changed... what is your cl_updaterate, cl_cmdrate and cl_interp?

Those problems are just plain weird, have you tried reinstalling? :)

12th June 2006, 17:35
If you normally have 5-10 ping on all servers, then there's something wrong.
I normally get between 20-70, but it depends on the location of the server, and other players latency.

12th June 2006, 18:52
can some one please tell me where i can download beta 4

Mart Ini
12th June 2006, 18:58
see the homepage for that?

12th June 2006, 21:15
working fine after reinstall. thx
(man, I hate reinstalling)

13th June 2006, 19:35
You've been spoiled with your super low ping. =P