View Full Version : can't spawn

12th June 2006, 14:00
i've only encountered this on hdn_ravenholm myself but i've heard many other people whining that they cannot spawn. for me it happened randomly from one round to the next.

the randomness may involve other players joining causing the player in question's slot position to chang to one that can't spawn.

when there were 8 people in the server i spawned (in the fire no less :() but when the last player joined i was stuck spectating.

did the spawn-kill boundries get upped slightly to force the players to be spawned farther part so there's less getting-stuck-on-teammate's-hitboxes?

12th June 2006, 14:01
Yeah, we managed to get a number wrong - we'll be sorting it tonight when we do release a 'full' version of B4, along with a small server update (oops)