View Full Version : Mani and B4

12th June 2006, 10:30
so what do you need to change to run mani with B4?

Mart Ini
12th June 2006, 19:00

12th June 2006, 19:03
mani is a server side app that allows easier administrating.
I still havent got it to work.

12th June 2006, 20:55
M_C's server runs mani and he did not have any problems. Although, I suspect it's because he runs a different version.

12th June 2006, 21:14
man, we need Mani. It sucks, when US ppl connect to our EU server with a ping 100-150

12th June 2006, 22:57
man, we need Mani. It sucks, when US ppl connect to our EU server with a ping 100-150

12th June 2006, 23:04

I believe he is talking about he wants the autokick for pings that high. 100-150 isnt too bad. 200+ it gets a bit dodgy.

12th June 2006, 23:13
ever seen a 100+ with your ping at 5?
I've played few hours ago on our server. 4 ppl with 100+
It's impossible to kill 'em as hidden, because they are teleporting from spot to spot, or hitting you behind a corner

12th June 2006, 23:17
I played with aussies that have 350 ping and it was fine for me (a lot of no regs, but you have to deal with it). 150 ping is not that bad..... I blame source prediction system for teleporting players all over the map

13th June 2006, 06:18
I updated mine to the latest stable release - Release V1.1.0zi - mani link (http://www.mani-admin-plugin.com)

I tested slay and burn and other commands that were causing my server to crash and all is well.

18th June 2006, 04:28
so, that's the fix for it? Update mani to the latest version and it'll work? Cause my server NEEDS it's admin stuff back, since we don't allow cussing:)