View Full Version : I buy a new video card....

12th June 2006, 01:17
hey i buy a new video card(gforce6200) and befora a have a gforce4 and now i cant see the hidden!!..why???

12th June 2006, 01:27
and uone more thing!!!...when i play CS in the setup show me directx os hardware 9+ and when i play the hidden show 8 thas maybi was the problem!!.but how i fix its»?»?

12th June 2006, 01:37
Now you've upgraded to the wonderful world of above DX7 you'll have to get used to seeing 617 as he's supposed to be seen. Grab B4, start the IRIS tutorial and get on over to the observation chamber, take a looksee in there.

12th June 2006, 01:51
man only one questinon waht is b4???

12th June 2006, 01:53
never mind!!!...thanks man!!!

12th June 2006, 15:55
hey th hidden is much dificult too see whis a good video card!!!!...and wi a cant use the dirx9 in the hidden and in the cs i can???

12th June 2006, 16:24
Force HL2 to run in DX9 by adding -dxlevel 90 to your properties of Hidden Source B4. If you are in-engine you can check at the console via mat_dxlevel. It will return either 0 (default), 60, 70, 80, 81 or 90.