View Full Version : Mani Plugin for H:S, Help! :(

11th June 2006, 21:53
I'm pretty sure that this has already been posted before but I just cant find it.

I'm trying to install Mani Admin Plugin on my non-dedicated server so I can play with some friends and if we want to make it public, play with other people. I've downloaded the HL2DM version of mani and installed it correctly on my machine, I also did the minor changes so it could find the commands etc. etc. I made it autoexec the mani_server command on startup but when I look at the console its just a gigantic line of
Unknown command "mani_*" :eek:

if anyone could help me with this then it'd be very appreciated :)

Thanks /Frostmagic

13th June 2006, 04:59
There's a file called mani_admin_plugin.vdf

edit it to read

"file" "../hidden/addons/mani_admin_plugin"