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9th June 2006, 02:15
There was an unruly group of people in the deadclan server #2 if I am remembering correctly. Below are 4 different accounts of where they kicked me without provocation and claimed that I was hacking to everyone else in the server. These are only a few times but this went on for around an hour.

This happened from about 7:00 till 8:00 mountain time on Thursday, June 08, 2006. It spanned across several maps but my game crashed and the demos were not recorded right for those maps.





EDIT: Sorry everyone, just realized that deadclan has their own forums for this kind of thing. Will leave it up though in case anyone....well just in case. Also would be nice if this was locked

9th June 2006, 18:31
how can an unruly bunch of people kick another player?

9th June 2006, 18:39
They made up about half the server. I assume they are all friends because they all had *WEN_ in front of their names. On the deadclan servers there is a votekick option so....

10th June 2006, 03:28
Those bastards kept doing it to me too. Said i was cheating, trying to convince others that i was cheating... yeah... they are annoying

10th June 2006, 03:44
For the record, posting here is fine, as it offers a unified place for all server admins to check demos/screenshots/complaints.

Can't See
10th June 2006, 04:00
I don't wanna have this come off in a bad way, BUT I wish we could go back to the smaller community like in early B2 and still haveB3. I have noticed A SHIT LOAD more dumbass's doing shit to make game terrible.

11th June 2006, 09:45
this much is true, but there's also alot more player's who're fun and sportsmanly. Although, I never had a problem finding enough servers back in the b2a days, so it doesn't make a huge difference to me. You've gotta remember that with gains there are always losses.