View Full Version : Seeing Red? (Not as in being angry)

8th June 2006, 22:44
When I play as the hidden, I can see, but there is an obnoxius red tint to it. Almost like a red overlay. I went into the advanced options and turned off the hidden overlay, tried screwing with my graphics settings, all the basic troubleshooting.
Nothing seems to work.

You can see what I mean here

My specs:
athlon 3500+
2 gigs ram
2x 6800GT's in SLI
Audigy 2

What can I do to fix this?

I would have fixed this but seeing as it is impossible to search for such words as "red", I cannot

8th June 2006, 22:46
I think you restart the turtorial, then it should be fixed.

8th June 2006, 22:53
or enter "hud_reloadscheme" in the console.

8th June 2006, 22:54
Thanks guys!

12th June 2006, 13:13
i had that once.

i think if you start the tutorial theres an explosion and you get hit by something - after getting hit the red damage "report" didnt disappear

12th June 2006, 13:20
What about moving that explosion to another place - it seems to create a lot of truble in the start :/