View Full Version : The hidden wireframe isnt even there...

8th June 2006, 21:13
Problem. When i followed your guide to Nocliping through the observation room and useing the wire frame thing, there was no Hidden in the room. I shot bullets all around the room in hopes of killing him but to no aveil. Is the model missing or something wrong with my specs?

Ok so I have checked all the guides, all my DirectXs and even my drivers they all seem fine.

I have a gig of RAM and a NVIDIA Geforce FX 5500 card. I dont understand why i can't even see a wire frame of the Hidden at least though. :eek:

8th June 2006, 21:52
mat_wireframe 1

oh yeah.... the tut is messed up. forgot.

8th June 2006, 22:00
Its all been fixed in B4 (getting sick of putting that on the end of everything), look to the very near future...

9th June 2006, 05:27
I love the search button, doesn't anyone else love it?