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6th June 2006, 17:16

I got banned in beta 2 because my friend was playing.
My friend was tking people when I was playing on my ps2(next to him)
He got shot by a friendly marine and so he flipt and shot every marine.
When I saw that it was to late.

I hoped if i would wait a while maby I get unbanned.

So i hope you will look at my post and I hope you will unbann me.

(sorry for my english:) )

Greatings, Scorpion

6th June 2006, 18:36
I suspect the reply will be: "your account == your fault". And as far as I know permanent bans are handed out for TKing over at Smokey's.

6th June 2006, 18:37
Chilly's right. You are SCREWED!