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4th June 2006, 21:24
Hi, I got an Hidden Source 3 beta dedicated server up and running under Linux Fedora Core 3 64-bit. It's working great but I can't get VAC security enabled. I see that other Hidden Source servers have their VAC working so I know it's possible.

I tried setting sv_secure 1 in server.cfg but that didn't work.

I tried adding -secure 1 parameter to srcds_run but that doesn't do anything.

I would like our server to show up in the server list for players who have their Steam filter set to "Secure".


4th June 2006, 22:18
We did have a thread that talked about how to resolve the issue but the member who posted it edited out his information shortly before being banned.

I do recall however that it involves rolling back your srcds executeables to an earlier version - a server admin on here may be able to help you out with that (I've only got the win32 files)

Dead Inside
4th June 2006, 22:30
Rollback using the file linked from this (http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=415184) original steampowered thread. Its this rollback that i've applied to all of smokeys servers to keep them secure since this problem began. Remove any -autoupdate switch settings in the server startup else it will overwrite the rollback!

I think i still have sv_secure 1 in the server config although it may not be needed anymore, i read in another thread that servers autosecure now, mine certainly autosecure if the VAC servers have any brief problems, but it may need the cvar to be set, i've not bothered testing this.

5th June 2006, 22:41
Thanks for the info.

So, is this a temporary glitch that perhaps will be fixed by the next Steam update, or is VAC being phased out for srcds?

Dead Inside
5th June 2006, 23:15
I think theres been two updates at least with no fix so who knows when it will happen.

I don't think its being phased out either and i believe its just hl2mp and mods that the problem is with anyway, although that may have changed since i last did any real testing regarding it (shortly after the Mar 8th/9th update was released) The rollback is the only thing thats helped me anyway and i've tried several suggestions from the forums/mailing list with newer versions and no joy.

I certainly hope its not being phased out, its all i've got, i won't run servers without at least some form of anti-cheat, its just not worth it. Theres too many idiots around even when hacking is rare on the servers, throw in regular hackers and theres very little fun to be had. The extra admin overhead would seal it really, not enough time to deal with constant accusations it would no doubt bring!

Edit: I've actually not tried the newest srcds update at all, i think chilly said the problems were still there though, infact it was probably it you were trying to use anyway.

6th June 2006, 00:43
Wait, he edited out his stuff?

6th June 2006, 01:46
D'oh, the rollback didn't work for me. When I tried to run srcds.....

Failed to open bin/dedicated_amd.so (bin/vstdlib_i486.so: undefined symbol: CommandLine_Tier0)

I ran an update....

./steam -command update -game "hl2mp" -dir /home/hlds

But I still got the above error. So I deleted the /bin/ folder, updated again, and now everything is back to the way it was.

6th June 2006, 06:03
The latest install of steam will not rollback. Someone posted about this before.

6th June 2006, 06:21
Yep when Alfred (of valve) announced the update on the mailing list I grabbed it and tested it. 1) VAC still broken 2) do NOT update to the new version if you want to roll back, the files are not compatable 3)best thing to do is ignore the update.

The worst thing is that we are now in the position where new servers literally cannot get VAC, unless they happen to know someone who will supply a whole pre-patch server (I've not bothered checking which files are at issue with the new patch+rolled back files (if someone wants to work this out it owuld probably help out the new servers that are appearing a great deal).


6th June 2006, 06:47
Since this post is already stickied I'll post this here.

For those who just need the files. Server Roll Back for Linux (http://files.filefront.com/steamrbtgz/;5119160;;/fileinfo.html)

Note: to setup a secure hidden server you need access to the server via ssh and ftp. Also, if you aren't familiar with vi read this - link (http://cc.uoregon.edu/usingvi.html).

Notes are in regular type while commands are in italics
__________________________________________________ _________________

First make a directory for the source server, and move into that new directory.
mkdir hiddensrv
cd hiddensrv

Download the Source Server install tool and make it executable.
wget http://storefront.steampowered.com/download/hldsupdatetool.bin
chmod 774 hldsupdatetool.bin

Install steam and accept licence (to accept you must type 'yes').

We need to get the basic source server files. Unfortunately the only way to do that is install a server for one of Valve's source based games. note: you could have used hl2dm or "Counter-Strike Source" - I just think dods goes faster (only 6 maps) No matter which you chose you're going to be watching a screen for about 30 minutes while it grabs files.
./steam -command update -game "dods"

Now, unless you want to run dods, we can delete the dods directory. This is completely optional, but it is taking up a lot of space.
rm -rf dods

Download this file - Server Roll Back for Linux (http://files.filefront.com/steamrbtgz/;5119160;;/fileinfo.html) - filefront doesn't allow wget, so you'll have to download the file and then upload it to your server. It only took me 7 minutes to upload it to filefront. Move the file to your srcds folder. If you followed this tutorial it's hiddensrv/ and you should already be in this directory.

Now we need to extract the contents. This will over-right all the steam server components with pre-March update versions. The key to a VAC secured server.
tar xvfz steamrb.tgz

Now download and install Hidden-Source B3 and the update
wget http://taligari.lincoln.ac.uk/fun/HSB3-server.zip
wget http://www.hidden-source.com/downloads/hidden-server-patch.zip
unzip HSB3-server.zip
unzip hidden-server-patch.zip

At this point you may start your hidden server.

./srcds_run -game hidden +ip ###.###.###.### -maxplayers 9 -tickrate 66 -port 27035 +map hdn_origin +exec server.cfg

Replacing ###.###.###.### with your server's ip address.
I recommend doing this now to make sure it is secured properly.

If it did not secure press CTRL + C and try again as sometimes the VAC server does not respond.
Note: Could not establish connection to Steam servers. above the "VAC secure mode disabled." is the only way it should show disabled. If "Connection to Steam servers successful." shows and VAC did not enable something is wrong.

Once you have verified the server secures you'll want to edit hiddensrv.sh (vi hiddensrv.sh is the command)- this is the server script that raider used in his tutorial. All you need to change is the ip address and port if you have other servers running.

You should also edit the server.cfg file. It's located under hiddensrv/hidden/cfg/server.cfg - from the hiddensrv directory typing vi hidden/cfg/server.cfg will open it.

will launch the hidden and
screen -m -d -S HIDDENSERVER sh hiddensrv.sh
will launch it in a background window.

Note - if you have access to adding commands to cron I highly recommend adding your server to boot when the machine boots.

I realize this is kind of repeating most of Raider's dedicated server setup post, but I feel it need to be done for those who are setting up new servers post Valve's removal of mod support for VAC.

6th June 2006, 17:13
Just a quick question ThunderDan:
those rollback files, are they confirmed working with the latest srcds release?


6th June 2006, 20:30
It's actually a roll back including srcds - so technically no, but if you are doing a fresh install and need the old srcds files then this is the only way I currently know to do it. The only thing that won't be replaced is the hl2 folder which you need to run the hidden server.

I tried only replacing different sets of the files and nothing but a full replacement of all the files would work for me. If I included the hl2 directory in the zip there would be no need to install a source based mod, but the hl2 dir is over 300mb zipped.

Hope that answers your question.

Also, unrelated, but has anyone else tried running hidden under the last srcds release. It gave me a lot of missing file errors. something about scrolls?

7th June 2006, 17:27
Does anyone have the Win32 binaries? Not all of us run on Linux, you know :)

21st June 2006, 17:01
I am one of the individuals who may be screwed as I just installed Hidden and SRCDS. I have heard rumors that VAC2 will not be available any longer for HL mods. Could anyone verify that "Hidden" will not be VAC secured with any Steam upgrade from this point forward or is that just crap? Is this just something that Alfred and friends are still working to fix?


25th July 2006, 16:22
Hey everybody, I just set up a hidden server last night, "Gorpy's Detroit Hidden:Source"

Does anyone have the Win32 binaries? Not all of us run on Linux, you know :)

I'm in the same boat as you, also looking for the rolled back Windows srcds.exe in order to get VAC online due to "VAC Secure Mode Disabled". If I find it I will post it here, hope you will do the same.

25th July 2006, 16:47
and god said, let there be cache

looks like i stumbled upon this missing thread everyone is talking about...
anyways the windows binary is near the bottom of the thread...heres the direct link

i tried it, worked for me:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: