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3rd June 2006, 18:40
I saw this a few days ago, but the forums and this PC havn't met since then, so it's taken me this long to report.

TKer's by the names of "SwatCorp" (STEAM_0:0:4347285) and "LordBeorn" (STEAM_0:0:7975740)


(I know I should have used less common names, but i couldn't be bothered)

There was another guy, "Kaltcher" (STEAM_0:0:2761355) who i'm not sure about (as I say it was a few days ago and i just rewatched the demos)... You guys see for yourselves when u watch the demo.

Screeny of the steamID's incase I missed anything crucial: http://rapidshare.de/files/22122500/ovr_derelict0001.jpg.html

Hope not to see those guys again anytime soon :)

4th June 2006, 01:47
thx. banned on our server

6th June 2006, 16:29
Got someone who teamkilled me on purpose. His name was ". Cj" . We were playing on Smokeys custom maps server. Called him a camper on the map before (he was like camping at dam_b4 under one of the metal stairs). Nest map we start as IRIS he follows me a bit, then starts shooting me leaving the server shortly afterwards.
Time was 14:56 GMT if someone wants to check the logs

9th June 2006, 18:32
sorry honey, u gotta get a demo as well as a steamID :(

10th June 2006, 00:24
sorry sugar, he left before i could try to record this behavior. But on the very top of the ss you see that he hit me 4 times doing over 100 hp damage. Thats why i asked the logs to be checked, they should show him shooting just me, without hitting anyone else. At least I hope thats possible, if not I will never post this kind of "indications" again without a demo available.

11th June 2006, 09:22
awww, i'm sorry i missed that hun, i sure hope he can be banned - i wud do as admin. but it's not up to me.

And I missed the bit with the damage - i thought it was just steamID. :) good job.

:p (i actually would ban him on that, but as I say, it's not up to me.)