View Full Version : Fences, grates, etc... the "sprite" wall problem?

30th May 2006, 17:54
I've noticed that the Hidden becomes a lot more noticable when he's behind a "sprite" wall, such as a chain link fence. I'm not sure if it's a natural thing (somehow the mesh aids my vision naturally?) or if it's a graphical anomaly. It's ambiguous because I'm unsure if he literally becomes more visible (as in the shader brightens or is altered) or if he simply is easier to see with a foreground such as a chain link fence.

I think I'll need to do some concrete testing to come up with some evidence so this isn't so subjective. In the meantime, has anyone else noticed this?

30th May 2006, 18:03
he is easier to spot behind fences, and as far as i know, its supposed to be like this.

remember, he is bending then light (or something.. im not good with all that stuff), so its supposed to be so ;).

30th May 2006, 18:35
I suppose I should clarify that they aren't really sprites, but textures that have transparent sections to them, such as chain link fences. A mapper would know the technical details better than I.

30th May 2006, 18:42
The hidden is quite a bit more visible when he's in the right place, like behind fences and such. Go in Traindepot and inside there are those grate type floors on the second floor, not the generator room floor but the small walkways above it, if you look through those at a hidden he's basically a black Hidden. I've caught Hiddens hiding there and jumped down onto their head.

30th May 2006, 20:20
This is true. It's really hard to tell, though, whether its a matter of, say, the rendering order being screwed up, or if it's just a trick of the eyes. Perhaps it has to do with the anistrophic filtering on the fence? Maybe it's got to do with the part transparent pixels caused by the "blend" between different pixels on the texture (need to find THAT technical term out...!)

31st May 2006, 16:57
the "blend" between different pixels on the texture (need to find THAT technical term out...!)

I believe the term you are seeking is filtering (aka blending). Bilinear, trilinear, and anisotropic are all methods of filtering. It's definitely a possibility that anistropic makes it easier to spot a hidden in such cases. I'll have to do some testing.

31st May 2006, 17:40
Hmm... thanks. I knew what bilinear, trilinear, anistrophic, etc all were, and how they were related, I just didn't equate it to the texture blending for some reason. I've always looked at them for what they do in stopping texture shimmering and blending mipmaps.

2nd June 2006, 20:21
sometimes you can see the hidden through some fence-like floor like in the custom map dam...

hes some sort of dark shadow