View Full Version : Hidden Stats : Setbacks

23rd May 2006, 19:39
Ok, sorry i have kept you all in the dark,

but sometime a few days ago the hidden stats server has totaled the SQL DB that maintains the system, not only this but my backup "in case of such a happening" was corrupted by something that went wrong when my PCs main board shorted out.

So for a long story short, i have lost the DB structure, which is a real pain im my arse!!!!

Hence i will have to repopulate it and get the whole DB working again.

The good news is the CODE is fine and has not been effected by this issue.

Thanks for your support


24th May 2006, 00:37
im really sorry to hear that man, i hope it comes back together more easily though.

24th May 2006, 12:43
Ill be free to finish the map images and hopefully the stats sig in the next few days. I would do it tonight but I have an Exam tomorrow which I have done no revision for and my mum will MAKE me do revision tonight so any kind of fun activity is out of the window. If I have some spare time however or she goes out for some reason ill try and knock up a basic sig to work from.