View Full Version : Theres no Hidden in the tutorial lol !!

Matt Moran
23rd May 2006, 12:48
I looked with cl_hvision 0 mat_wireframe 1 mat_dxlevel 90 and that, me and me m8 have no hidden in that room....

23rd May 2006, 12:52
I have no hidden either?.... lol I assume your talking about the room where the tutorial says you can see it....

but as the Hiddens supposed to be invisible I thought that was kinda the point? :)

23rd May 2006, 13:07
this has already been said and is as far as i know supposed to be fixed with the next release.

23rd May 2006, 13:55
It is indeed fixed, dont worry. The next release (which isnt a million miles away I believe, we arent oding those 6 month updates anymore) has it all sorted.

Matt Moran
24th May 2006, 14:48
Cheers guys but i went round me m8s and he downloaded Hidden, my pc is better that his but he has better gas effects...? how can this be? ( i turned grafix on High !!) plz help

24th May 2006, 16:50
It's not just the PC as a whole, but the specific graphics card.

24th May 2006, 18:44
And if you must shorten graphics card, try GFX rather than gas, I keep tihnking you want fuel or something (theres an Americanism for you!)

Matt Moran
25th May 2006, 11:29
ah, well im english... lol

25th May 2006, 19:59
I believed "gas effects" meant "wavy hidden effects".

And I always thought you Britishers used 'petrol' instead of 'gas'. Drive me nuts, you will.

25th May 2006, 20:30
And I always thought you Britishers used 'petrol' instead of 'gas'. Drive me nuts, you will.

We do, I think Boxy went native while we were at GDC, he'll be saying 'pants' instead of 'trousers' soon...