View Full Version : Speedhacker in -=Clever Dragon=- ~HL2 HIDDEN MOD~

21st May 2006, 02:24
Well i encountered another hacker. This time it was for sure, he was definitely speedhacking. Started recording a demo the second i saw him tking and warping. Download and watch. It is so ridiculously obvious at certain points. It would be nice to get this idiot banned. Oh and it happened around 9:25-9:30 PM Eastern Time although i think the demo should be enough. Thanks.

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21st May 2006, 04:23
That is the same guy Insane Banned the other night in our server. Excellent Demo, although don't team kill/ team wound, let the admin of the server handle the punishment. That stuff will get you banned from many of the servers that these guys run.

P.S. M_C, This demo is right up your alley man.

21st May 2006, 06:18
That's great if it's the same guy because a demo would be proof and your friends thread is still there, accusing without any. I'll take a look. ;)

EDIT: Although, I'm going to stop accepting files from megaupload because of the retarded porn spam pop-ups. :(

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The speed hacker is gone but infocepter should get a tempban for shooting him too. If you're going to report people it shouldn't have proof of you trying to TK him either, you're lucky you didn't kill him. Two wrongs don't make a right, just get the demo. ;)

23rd May 2006, 07:26
i help run the <CC>< servers, i know the people on the CleverDragon servers and i have admin on those servers as well.

if you have any issues with those servers you can xfire me: incarceration

i can ban people if needed if proof is provided (ie: demo)