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16th May 2006, 21:53
Hey guys.

I downloaded HS a few days ago, been playing it ever since. Got in from work today to join up to my favorite server to find out I've been VAC banned for cheating infractions. I don't hack.

I had to do the DX7 fix that was listed on these forums. Last night (while I was sleeping) I defragged my harddrive and ran Windows Cleanup while I was at work. Now I'm locked out of all of my favorite servers.

I'm on a somewhat new computer. Never been a hack on here. I'm waiting on the SteamPowered guys to activate my account for their forums..but from what I've read, their answer is always the same..."Buy a new accountand don't hack. VAC is infallible."

It's only HS that i'm banned for...all other games I can connect to just fine, which is a relief. On a side note...when I start the game up the console is automatically brought up as well, along with the Tutorial window (the one where you pick hidden of IRIS tutorial). In the console is says something along the lines of missing the VAC_secure_denied icon. Now, today i get little purple boxes b/c the icon is gone. I didn't worry about it b/c I figured I'd never see the denied icon and didn't see it being a problem. Don't know if it could be.

Just thought I'd let you guys know.

16th May 2006, 22:57
The only thing I can think of is that you did something stupid, and got yourself banned from 90% of the servers.

17th May 2006, 05:34
Your not on my banned or watch list - I'd assume something is messed with the installation and just reinstall hidden and steam. Especially seeing as you can access non-hidden VAC servers - VAC is not mod sensitive.

17th May 2006, 15:15
well, live sucks

17th May 2006, 19:35
I think you meant life sucks...

Doing something stupid wouldn't surprise me, only thing I can think of is that, since I've never played any REAL hl2 mod online before, VAC never had a reason to look for hacks for them and they found a file that missing/change/altered when I did the DX7 crash fix. But I'm fairly sure the paramater I added did no such thing. Other than adding those paramaters listed in the forums and the mytweaks.cfg thingy I've done absolutely nothing to any of my games. I really have no friggin idea and I'm pretty pissed about it.

I'm going to try one thing and if that doesn't work I'll reinstall HS. If that doesn't work I'll play in non-secure servers. Since Valve refuses to devulge any REAL information about how VAC works, I have no idea of what it looks for. I had thought that perhaps there was a file that was similar or related to some hacking program, but I dunno.

Does anyone know of any program that would scan my hard drive for possible hacks/hack related software?

Speaking of the mytweaks.cfg..I mentioned earlier about the console being open when I started HS. Directly after it says exec mytweaks.cfg it says the the thing about cheats are not enabled on this server. change sv_cheats to 1...or whatever..

this is what's in the mytweaks.cfg

bindtoggle x cl_showfps 2
cl_forcepreload 1
sv_forcepreload 1
cl_smooth 0
cl_ragdoll_collide 1
r_fastzreject -1
r_decals 1000
r_maxmodeldecal 25
r_waterforceexpensive 0
mat_compressedtextures 1
mat_bumpmap 0
mat_specular 0

i'm guessing it has something to do with all this.

17th May 2006, 20:52
I don't think that sv_ command is helping you any, but I wouldn't think it would get you banned either.