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14th May 2006, 22:39
Hey, if this has already been posted, then I must have missed it, so my apology.

What ports need to be opened to host a server for The Hidden? I know its 27015 for most HL2 mods, which I have open, yet when I tried to host for a few friends, they could not see the server when trying to add it to their favorites so that they could join.

Thanks in advance,

14th May 2006, 23:51
I checked the server list, and most ports go from range 27000 to 28000, so this should be no problem.

I suggest checking your firewall at first. Some firewalls may grant access to the internet for certain applications, but still block them from executing server functions. So just find the options for hl2.exe on you firewall (I assume you use one :))

14th May 2006, 23:53
Technically, the port you assign doesn't matter, as long as it's forwarded on your firewall to the correct IP, but the default for HL2 (and it's mods) is 27015.

Make sure that sv_lan 0 is set in the console or your autoexec.cfg.

15th May 2006, 00:27
Make sure that sv_lan 1 is set in the console or your autoexec.cfg.
sv_lan 1 ? Doesn't that mean the server will restrict to LAN, and WON'T be extern ? Either Ging is tired again or I got something wrong (which I don't exclude)

15th May 2006, 00:36
*cough* erm, what? *cough*

*edits post*