View Full Version : The joys of Biggots.

12th May 2006, 06:46
Well on deadclan i encounted a biggot, fag_killer, who was a general ass and tryed to tk me.# 174 "Fag_Slayer" STEAM_0:1:2823280 23:34 106 0 active
Then his buddy # 171 "BOOYAHTIME" STEAM_0:1:9041901 24:53 69 0 active did tk me. Both were generally offensive and just assholes.
Unfourtounatly they also were using mics for most of it.
BUT my little ray of sunshine is that a reputable forummember was there too. I submit Pan_The_Goat_God as evidence! [dramatic music stab/]
So he heard the whole thing.
Later on another guy tked me,
# 180 "Intense" STEAM_0:0:890207 08:39 134 0 active
whos excuse of telling me that the hidden was beside me is rather funny when you watch the demo.
and there was alot of vk abuse towards me by this fellow # 164 "Deimos" STEAM_0:1:6069658 52:11 103 0 active, who told everyone to vk me because i was a "faglover".
I have a wonderful demo of the whole affiar for anyone who pm's me.

12th May 2006, 06:49
Glad I missed that. I'm sure I know a few server admins who will pull out the ban hammer :D .

Pan the Goat God
12th May 2006, 07:01
Yeah, these guys were ruining the game and are guilty of general asshatery.
Name alone should be enough for a ban for the first guy, especially after hutch warned him to read the motd. And of course, as soon as hutch said something about it he got tked. And then the "booyah" and "intense" guys tked hutch later on, because apparently if you dont hate gays you're automatically a queer.

I did not know this.

This was mostly on discovery, and then the map changed to executive and we left after a lil bit.


Proof of the first guys name, some proof of intense's tking, but I'm sure hutch has demos which would be better proof of all this.

14th May 2006, 19:03
hutch, you know how to get me the demos - I think. If not, I'm sending you a PM. ;)