View Full Version : Griefer On Deadclan

10th May 2006, 02:41
I don't know of "Griefer" is a word, but it's the only way I can describe it. He was mic spamming, Teamshooting and TKing. It happened on Deadclan. I forgot which number, but it's the one with random hidden.


SteamID: "ShampooHat" STEAM_0:0:4067986

Miasmic, I'm sure if you check logs you'll find this was going on for a bit. Sibling was trying to get people to votekick, but he just kept coming back and autokick/ban did not work.

If anyone has problems with the download, PM me and I'll email it.

10th May 2006, 03:39
I told miasmic about it when he was in the server he should have him banned by now.

The Laughing Man
10th May 2006, 04:22
oh yes... i remember this jackhat.

Griefer is technicly a word.. mostly used in MMO games though for people who use the monsters to kill other players since pvp is not allowed.

10th May 2006, 05:41
I've only got two TK's by him in logs I have from HLSW. Based on the demos, I've put a temp on to keep him out while we get the logs checked.

10th May 2006, 06:11
only 2 tks in the logs? The guy tked about 15 rounds straight most of the time killing 1 or 2 people and wounding half the team before someone would kill him. :( Well what ever.

The Laughing Man
10th May 2006, 09:40
actually im not sure how many TK's he got.

Most of the time people ended up tking him after getting brought down to 25-50 hp. (which then of course he slayed them.)

11th May 2006, 04:43
We got the full logs checked today. He's perm banned.