View Full Version : equipment bug

9th May 2006, 01:53
not sure if its intentional, but ive found that you can get 3 sonic alarms in conjunction with any of the other equipment.

steps to go through:

1: chose the Support class and player (player not necesary)

2: chose the sonic alarms and any weapons you want

3: re-open the weapon select screen

4: choose ONLY support, NO PLAYER MODEL

5: choose ONLY the other equipment you want, NO WEAPONS.

ive done it a million time, worked every time. ive tested it out with:
laser sight
night vision

the only down side is that instead of getting 4 sonic alarms, you get 3, but i think its a worthy trade if.

9th May 2006, 02:11
That's how it's meant to be.

Support = Trip Alarms, Ammo Resupply for Teammates, but limited weaponry
Assault = Big guns.